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  • OZONE GENERATOR: This Positive Ion Generator Emits An Electrical Current Into The Air That Breaks Down Odors, Particles And Other Pollutants At Their Source.
  • AIR DUCT CONNECTOR: Control Where The Electrically Charged Air Flows By Connecting The Duct Hose To The Industrial Ionizer Machine.
  • 2 HOUR TIMER: Top Of The Line Commercial Timer With A Maximum Time Of 2 Hours.
  • 6,000 HOURS PER OZONE MODULE REPLACEMENT: Each o2 Generator Module Lasts Up To 6,000 Hours Of Usage Before Replacement Is Recommended.
  • HANDLE INCLUDED: The Device Comes with a Durable Handle for Users to Conveniently Transport the Device to Different Locations.
zackman scientific
removable duct nozzle
stainless steel ozone machine

Zackman 10000 Features

4" HVAC Duct Holder

Connect to any HVAC duct using 4" piping.

Power Indicator Light

Easily see that the unit is still on with the RED indicator light to signal the. machine is on.

120 minutes timer & HOLD

Use HOLD- if you want the ozone generator to be on continuously or used with a programmer external timer.

Examples of Odors Zackman Scientific Ozonenator Can Help

Environmental Odor

Environmental Odor

Sometimes environmental odor can be easily cleaned; but other times the odor is coming from hard to or impossible to reach places.

Paint Odors

Paint Odors

Paint odors can be very strong especially after new coat of paint. The paint can be full of VOC which is harmful to breath.

Musty Odors

Sometimes moisture can be trapped in homes, basements, rooms, etc, and a musty odor is emitted as a result of biological growth on materials.

Cigarette & Cigar Odors

Cigarette & Cigar Odors

Cigars and cigarette has a very distinct odor and it can be trapped in furnitures and fabrics long after the smoking session is over.


OZONE Warning

Use of ozone is only for unoccupied space. Use timer to allow ozone molecule to revert back to oxygen before reentry.

If odor control is needed while space is occupied, we recommend getting a large carbon filter air purifier. This is the most appropriate passive air purification. Ozone is used as an active odor purification intended to "shock" the air molecules in a short amount of time.

Use ozone only when human and animal is not in the premises.

Factory/product is registered with EPA. EPA Establishment Number: 99470-CHN-1

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