Mold spores and mold odor oxidize as soon as it contacts ozone.

An ozone generator cannot solve mold problems, but it will kill the mold spores and mold odors in the air.

Mold should be handled at the source level. When possible, clean the mold and eliminate the reason which allows the growth of mold.  In the meanwhile, an onzonenator can help with killing the mold spores in the air and removing the musty mold odor in the air. 

Ozone is very effective in destroying airborne impurities and odor.  Because ozone travels out into the spaces where air can pass through (but might be out of our reach), it might be able to neutralize some of the mold spores and odor even in cracks and crevices (note: ozone cannot go through walls!)

How to Treat Mold Odors

Solution: To remove the musty mold smell, close off the area that needs the ozone treatment. Refer to the run time to space chart and set the timer on the ozonenator to run while everyone and all pets leave the premises. Allow a few hours after ozonenator timer is done to have ozone revert back into oxygen. 

Note: Musty smell will return over time without eliminating the source of the odor- mold.  You can repeat the ozone odor shock as much as needed. However, to properly get rid of the scent, you must eliminate the mold and address the source of mold growth.