Cigarette and Cigar odor left untreated can stain fabrics and furniture with residual smells. Ozone fights that.

Cigarette and cigar smoke is not only odorous when someone is creating the smoke, but often the odor remains even after the smoking person is done smoking and left.  This makes treating the smoke odor even more critical (and urgent).

Smoke fumes, and its chemical vapors, have a tendency to stick onto any surface they can penetrate: carpets, sofa, drapes, clothes, beddings, wallpaper, etc. Once the smoke has embedded itself to those surfaces, it makes cleaning them out (especially without chemicals) a difficult task.

This is especially problematic when it comes to guest establishments such as hotels, motels, rental houses, casinos, parlors, smoking bars, and more.  The use of ozonenator is especially helpful in dealing with odors in a short amount of time. 

An ozone generator creates airborne ozone molecules that can follow the same paths the smoke has traveled to and reach the different areas. 

How to Treat Cigarette Odors

Solution: To eliminate cigarette smoke odors or cigar smoke odors, we recommend placing an ozonenator in the area that requires odor treatment. If it’s a specific area, close off the space to trap the ozone in that area. Vacate the location and set the ozone timer to run for a few hours.  (If smoke odor has been accumulating for years, multiple long-duration odor shocks may be required.  We recommend trying in short increments and increase the timer function (even switching to constant ON and manually track the time) to determine the remainder lingering odors in the area.  If the smoke odor is still present, repeat the ozone shock treatment as necessary.  As always, allow the area to air out for a few hours before re-entering the room (especially if a high concentration of ozone has generated over a long duration). 

HVAC Note: If there is HVAC present, we recommend turning on the FAN function to circulate the ozone through the air duct to allow ozone to oxidize any unwanted surface particles in the duct.  You may place the ozone generator a few inches from the air inlet.

 Long Ozone Duration Note: For longer than the timer usage of ozone, it is recommended to keep a few inches of one window open to allow new oxygen to enter the area for ozone creation.