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Each unit comes with pre-installed ozone plate and outlet plug.
  • EFFECTIVE OZONE MACHINE- Eliminates All Odors From Cigarette Smoke, Pets, Paint Fumes, Water Damage, Cooking Odor, And More!
  • TIMER FUNCTION- Timer Up To 120 Minutes So Occupants Can Return After A Period Of Time Have Passed
  • REINFORCED HANDLE- Extra Sturdy And Low Profile Handle Allows Commercial Users To Move The Device As Needed
  • OZONE PLATE SERVICE LIFE- Use Up To 6,000 Hours
  • LOW ENERGY & SUPPORT- Efficient Watt / Output Yields Cost Savings with 1 Year Factory Warranty
Mammoth OGM

Mammoth Ozone Generators

Why Choose Mammoth Ozone Generators?

ozone generator

120 Minutes Timer & HOLD Function

Allows for better time control of ozone treatment. Use HOLD if you plan to use an external timer. Otherwise, use the adjustable timer (please refer to the room size to time table included).

portable ozone ionizer

Easy to Carry Around

The foldable handle makes the unit easy to move around and store.

replacement ozone

Increase Durability

Larger ozone plate cost more but allows the ozone plate to work less hard to produce the same amount of ozone compared to a smaller ozone plate. This means the ozone plate will have a longer lifetime.

ozone machine ionizer

Mammoth Commercial Ozone Generator for Small & Large Areas

Automotive Shops

Automotive & Commercial Shops

Remove strong commercial odors

Hotel Rooms

Hotel & Apartment Suites

Remove past guests odors

Storage & Garage

Storage & Garages

Remove musty & stale odors


Kitchen & Stores

Remove funky odors

Examples of Odors Mammoth Ozonenator Can Help

Cigarette & Cigar Odors

Cigarette & Cigar Odors

Cigarette and cigar fumes can get into clothes, furnitures, carpets and wall. Odors can be trapped over time if not purified in time.

Paint Odors

Paint Odors

Lingering paint odor after painting a room? New paint fumes can diffuse into the air for days and even weeks at faint level.

Musty Odors

Musty Odors

Basement smells of musty odors? Sometimes cleaning up mildew and mold is impossible behind unreachable spaces and that leaves odor remediation he only option.

Environmental Odor

Environmental Odor

Whether it be fire, water, or other types of environmental damages, it's typical to have lingering oder for a while even after repairing what's possible.

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