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  • POWERFUL OZONE GENERATOR- Alpine Air New Improved Ozone Generator provide 6,000 mg/h of Ozone. The Ozone Air Purifier Creates O3 in a Special Process that Charges Electrical Current in Oxygen Molecules. Ozone works by breaking down odors at their Source.
  • NO FILTER NEEDED- Our Alpine Air Purifier and Ionizer Provide 6000+ Guaranteed Hours of Service Life. You can Easily use our Air Deodorizer on a Daily Basis Without the need of Changing a Filter. After 6000 Hours of Operation, the Ozone Plate will need Replacement to ensure Sufficient Ozone Output.
  • BEST ODOR ELIMINATOR- Alpine Air Professional Air Deodorizer is a Heavy Duty Device that can be Used Anywhere. The Compact Design Allows usage any where in your Home or Office Space. The High Quality and Powerful Ozone Plate make this Device the Perfect Choice for Air Odor Control in Big Areas in Commercial or Industrial Spaces.
  • NEW QUICK ACCESS HOLDER (QAH)- The Design Team at Alpine Air Created a Patent Pending Quick Access Slot to Quickly Remove the Ozone Plate during Cleaning or Replacing of the Ceramic Ozone Plate. That Means No Tools or the Need to Disassemble the Air Purifier for Ozone Plate Access.
  • LIGHT AND PORTABLE- Made of Aluminum with a Durable Handle Attachment, this Device can be Moved to Different Locations with Ease.
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Examples of Odors Alpine Air Ozone Generator Can Help

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Paint Odors

A fresh coat of paint might look good but the paint smell certainly doesn't. Paint odor can linger for a while and can be extremely unpleasant.

Environmental Odor

Environmental Odor

Water Damage? Fire Damage? New carpet or home construction? The odor from those construction events can be overwhelming and hard to get rid of.

Musty Old Basement

Musty Stale Odor

Got a musty room? Perhaps it's a basement, a garage, or even a bathroom? The musty odor or stale air can possibly render that space unpleasant to use.

AA Cigar Odors

Cigarette & Cigar Odors

A car or room with leftover cigarette or cigar smell not only is it unlikable, it is even consider 3rd hand smoke.

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Example Locations & Businesses of Alpine Air Ozonenator's Customers

Hotel & Motel Rooms

Hotel & Motel Rooms

Past guests can have their very distinct odors and fragrances. It is important to quickly and economically reset the odor before the next guest check-in.

Body Shops & Industrial

Body Shop & Industrial

With commercial enterprises, odors can be very strong and off-putting. Besides proper ventilation, odor can still linger or trapped.


Cafe & Kitchen

Cooking up something with a strong smell? Keeping the space smelling fresh and clean is no easy task.

Garages & Basement

Garage & Basement

Cleaning the whole garage or basement sometimes isn't possible and the odor can be bothersome to even attempt any clean up.


OZONE Warning

Use of ozone is only for unoccupied space. Use timer to allow ozone molecule to revert back to oxygen before reentry.

If odor control is needed while space is occupied, we recommend getting a large carbon filter air purifier. This is the most appropriate passive air purification. Ozone is used as an active odor purification intended to "shock" the air molecules in a short amount of time.

Use ozone only when human and animal is not in the premises.

Factory/product is registered with EPA. EPA Establishment Number: 99470-CHN-1

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