Ozonenator eliminates pet odors by natural ozone oxidation.

People with pets often find themselves putting up with pet odor because sprays, chemicals, and other solutions (besides a carbon filter air purifier) struggle to do the job. Pet odor typically originates from pet beds and litter boxes; while the best way to deal with the smell is to remove the source of the odor, that’s often impractical. This is especially true if the pet odor is trapped in a small confined space like a car or RV.

The difference between ozone and sprays is that ozone is a much more powerful oxidizer and can be continuously generated over time by the ozonenator without anyone being present.  Ozone will find itself into any corners and crevices where air can circulate, and this includes the surfaces of any dog bed or litter box.  While ozone is effective at neutralizing pet odors, it cannot penetrate deep surfaces/sub-surfaces (like the inside of a dog bed or the underlayer of carpets).  The proper way to remove those odor sources is to treat those odor sources by thoroughly cleaning/removing the odor source (like a deep wash/cleaning).  

In comparison to a carbon filter, ozone will be more effective at eliminating the odor much more quickly and even odorous molecules on surfaces.  However, an ozonenator should only be used when no people and animals are present.  If you or your pet is in the space all the time, we recommend using a large carbon air purifier/filter in lieu of an ozonenator.  Otherwise, an ozoneator will be a cheaper and more effective pet odor eliminator if you and your pet can be out of the space during the ozone treatment. 

How to Treat Pet Odors

Solution: If there’s a specific area your pet odor is present, close off the area to be treated. Be sure to remove all pets and people to allow the space to be completely vacant. Set the ozone generator to run for a few hours (unless it’s a car, then a significantly less amount of time should be used. See our time chart), and allow for a few additional hours after for ozone to revert back to oxygen.  

 If the space is small (like a car or RV), consider opening the window or door a few minutes to allow for fresh oxygen/airflow to circulate. (When oxygen is used up to make ozone, no new ozone can be produced until ozone breaks down back to oxygen.). 

We should note that ozone will not (and is not meant) to treat odor sources where air does not circulate well (like the insides of beddings or beneath the surface of floor type). To properly eliminate the odor for good, removal of odor source is necessary. Ozone will eliminate the odorous molecules that are in the air and surfaces. Without treating the source of the odor, the pet odor will slowly build up again. If treating the source of the odor is not possible, repeat the process of using the ozoneator as necessary.