Food Odor Removal

Ozone will remove kitchen odors that result from Burning, Frying, Moisture, Strong Seasoning and other food preparation smells.

Love to cook but dislike the frying, burnt, strong seasoning, and other food preparation smell? Ozonenator will help.

Our ozone generators are strong odor remover and can help with commercial or residential kitchens.

Cooking in a kitchen generates odors that linger over time from repeated food preparation and cooking, especially when pundgent smells are regularly created.  These odors can even start to permeate into furniture and clothing.  

This is especially an issue when windows and fresh airflow is not a viable option for your kitchen. Even after proper cleaning of surfaces, an odor may still return from other areas not cleaned or not cleaned properly. Ozone can be very effective at eliminating unwanted odors because ozone neutralizes the odor molecules in the air.  

How to Treat Food Odors

Solution: With any ozone machine, the best way to eliminate kitchen odor is to clean the kitchen thoroughly. When the last person is leaving the kitchen, set the timer on the ozonenator to run for a few hours (see our recommend timetable per ozone output). If you like to allow the ozone to better penetrates all areas, you can consider opening drawers, cupboards, and the pantry to let ozone molecules flow into those areas to attack air particles. The unit should be turned off for a few hours before anyone enters the kitchen again.Depending on the severity of odors, this process can we repeated as needed.